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Sylvain Carle joins PemPem as Strategic Advisor

Justine McIntyre

Nov 3, 2021

PemPem continues its momentum as a sustainability start-up, adding Sylvain Carle as a Strategic Advisor

Sylvain Carle is a seasoned mentor and seed-stage investor who has spent the last 25 years thinking, writing, building, and investing in emerging technologies at the confluence of media, technology, data and networks. His passion for ideas and people that aim to transform sectors and industries is well-aligned with Pempem’s vision of transforming informal, cash-based commodity supply chains into digital, technology-based ones that bring greater efficiency and profit to the value chain, traceability to the supply chain, and sustainability to sectors.

About his role, and his successful track record as a mentor and seed-stage investor, Sylvain Carle says, “A lot of people think it’s about technology – but first and foremost, it’s about people.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Sylvain Carle join us as strategic advisor,” declared Joann de Zegher, founder and director of PemPem. “Having Sylvain on board will give PemPem an enormous boost in terms of the depth of knowledge and experience that Sylvain brings, as well as helping bring greater visibility to the work being done by PemPem.”


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