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Mobile trading platform
for smallholder commodities

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PemPem develops a market network for commodity buyers and sellers.

Designed for micro-enterprises and smallholder producers, PemPem has a rapidly-growing user base in Indonesian palm fruit. PemPem develops tools for smallholder commodity buyers and sellers based on 3 core needs: 

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Sustainable Operations

Real-time traceability  supporting sustainable supply-chain management 

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In-app payments via PemPay and supply chain financing via PemPuk

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Optimized trading platform for smallholder commodities

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Coconut Trees

Dimas Prayogi
farmer in Desa Pasir Bongkal

Through PemPem I can view more prices of palm fruit, and find a good buyer that gives me a good price for my fruits. I hope PemPem will develop even more features for us soon.

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Pak Anwar
​farmer in Desa Pangkalan Kasai

This application is very useful. I would recommend it for all palm fruit farmers. You can see the latest price of the palm fruit. Really recommend!


Available to download from the Google Play Store​

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