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Mobile trading & traceability
for smallholder commodities

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Transforming Smallholder Commodity Supply Chains

From inefficient, pen-and-paper, and cash-based to
digital, data-driven, productive, and traceable.

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Hundreds of millions of informal smallholder farmers depend on the production and trade of commodities




South East Asia



They largely operate based on word-of-mouth information, using cash payments and either personal memory or pen & paper as their only records. The absence of digital tools results in a lack of financial inclusion, missed economic opportunities, a growing digital divide, and no supply chain transparency.


PemPem closes these gaps, creating better opportunities for commodity farmers while supporting sustainable practices in fragmented supply chains.

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« PemPem » is inspired by Pemasok-Pembeli, Supplier-Buyer in Bahasa Indonesia

Our area of work is currently palm fruit production in Sumatra, Indonesia, with plans to reach other parts of rural Indonesia where the productivity gap is 25%-100%. 

PemPem is currently evaluating other commodity supply chains such as rubber, coconut, sugar, and cacao, all supplied primarily by smallholder producers.

PemPem solves traceability through digitization

All trades initiated and settled digitally through the PemPem platform have automated and free transaction-level traceability from farm to factory.


This creates transparency in commodity supply chains and rewards responsible production practices, bringing us ever closer to the ultimate objective of halting commodity-driven tropical deforestation.

Partners & Awards

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