Mobile marketplace
for unprocessed commodities

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PemPem develops a market network for commodity buyers and sellers.

Designed for micro-enterprises and smallholder producers, PemPem has a rapidly-growing user base in Indonesian palm fruit.

The PemPem app features functions based on these 3 core needs :
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Sustainable Operations

Providing real-time traceability & supporting sustainable supply-chain management 

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Enabling in-app payments via PemPay and supply chain financing via PemPuk

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Creating a buyer-supplier marketplace for unprocessed commodities

Buyers post their daily palm fruit prices. Sellers select and compare buyer prices and locations, then contact the buyer they choose and execute the transaction. All in the PemPem mobile app.

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Dimas Prayogi
farmer in Desa Pasir Bongkal

Through PemPem I can view more prices of palm fruit, and find a good buyer that gives me a good price for my fruits. I hope PemPem will develop even more features for us soon.

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Pak Anwar
​farmer in Desa Pangkalan Kasai

This application is very useful. I would recommend it for all palm fruit farmers. You can see the latest price of the palm fruit. Really recommend!


Available to download from the Google Play Store​