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PemPem for Suppliers
Farmers, Loaders, Transport

PemPem offers a complete solution for pricing, payments and secure, traceable sales transactions​

With Niaga, selling your produce is simple and secure 

  • Buyers post their daily purchase prices for palm fruit in the app.

  • Niaga calculates the best price-plus-proximity combination, adding transport and loading fees, and then offers palm fruit producers the best price for that market day. 

  • When a farmer accepts the offer, a match is created ("bundle") between the buyer and a number of small scale farmers.

  • Fruit loads from different harvest sites are bundled into one trip, increasing supply chain efficiency.

  • Bundles are then posted as transport and loading jobs. Once transport and loading are confirmed, payment is made.

​Thanks to Niaga’s bundling approach, PemPem is able to offer high purchase prices to some of the smallest farmers who would otherwise have little bargaining power to secure good prices. As transactions are settled through the app, they create a traceable transaction history necessary for securing a purchase plan.


Available to download from the Google Play Store​

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Dimas Prayogi
Farmer in Desa Pasir Bongkal

Through PemPem I can view more prices of palm fruit, and find a good buyer that gives me a good price for my fruits. I hope PemPem will develop even more features for us soon.

Testimonial 2.png

Pak Anwar
​Farmer in Desa Pangkalan Kasai

This application is very useful. I would recommend it for all palm fruit farmers. You can see the latest price of the palm fruit. Really recommend!

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