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"Connect your mill directly to Indonesia’s fastest growing and only totally digital supply chain"

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"Buy more fruit, sustainably"

Introducing Niaga Enterprise


To have a real impact on climate change, we need real actions based on real data. PemPem’s approach changes the industry by digitalizing all movements of fruits, and movements of money from the farm and through all the actors in the supply chain. With Niaga Enterprise, the buyer is directly connected to this clean supply chain.


Each batch delivered to the mill comes with all the information required to satisfy the new EU no-deforestation regulation. The output of PemPem’s clean supply chain provides full traceability.


All traceability data required to satisfy regulations at the port of entry is available at no extra cost since it flows seamlessly from the clean digital supply chain.



A real solution to our climate crisis shouldn't cost money, it should make money. PemPem Niaga Enterprise not only connects your mill directly to a clean supply chain, it enables you to manage multiple mills in one system for fully integrated business intelligence data.

PemPem solutions are 100% cloud-based so require no infrastructure spending or maintenance.

Includes a secure multi-user system to know who can do what.

Solid Ready for Business

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For technology solutions to have a positive impact on climate, they need to be fully and fluidly integrated into operations - no cutting corners on being business-ready.


Niaga Enterprise is fully integrated into Indonesia’s VATs. PemPem understands that each buyer has their payment terms and adapts to that.

PemPem offers various solutions in supply management and traceability according to your company’s needs​. Manage the supply chain efficiently with tools that allow your business to optimize procurement from smallholder farmers, digitally and traceably.


Contact us to find out more about implementing Niaga supply management and traceability. 

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