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Niaga for Buying Enterprises


Get More Supply, Sustainably

  • Access farmers in the PemPem ecosystem

  • Tiered pricing for fruit quality

  • Customized loyalty programs

  • Investments in sustainable supply that make sense


Solve Traceability through Digitization

  • Automated tracking of each transaction

  • Buyers and farmers maintain market access under new regulations

  • Easily shareable data


Unlock business intelligence

  • Fully integrated and digitized business intelligence data

  • Intelligent pricing

  • Automated and safe payments

  • Digital invoice histories and payments


New to Niaga Enterprise?

All smallholder farmer fruit sourced through Niaga Enterprise comes with the necessary geographical data to comply with the new EU Deforestation Regulation (enacted June 2023)

EU Deforestation Regulation requires batch-level traceability to farm for all products containing palm oil entering the EU, by December 2024. Companies that cannot prove such traceability risk a fine of 4% of their annual European turnover.

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