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Leadership Team

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Joann de Zegher

& Co-Founder

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JK Metwalli

& Co-founder

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Daniel Siregar

Country GM,


I founded PemPem in response to the needs of smallholder producers in Indonesia and the disconnect between their realities and what technology could do for them, as well as what the world demanded of them.

—  Joann de Zegher, CEO

Our Partners

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The stories we hear in the field
are what inspire our technology. 

PemPem was born out of years of in-depth fieldwork in informal supply chains in multiple geographies. Over and over we witnessed technologies perform well in the lab, and then fail when put into practice in remote areas. With one foot firmly rooted in fieldwork and the other in our technical expertise, we knew we had the power to create a better solution, for the benefit of farmers, consumers, and the planet.


Our technology is driving a digital supply-chain revolution on the ground.

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